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Welcome Parents! We wanted to create a page just for you to tell you everything you need to know about signing up for a Moshi Membership. The basic version of the game is free to play, but we offer a special Moshi Membership that gives your child access to a huge range of fun new features in the world.

  • Becoming a Moshi Member is Safe!

    Keeping children safe online is paramount to us. Our highly experienced Community and Safety team is headed by Rebecca Newton who has over 15 years experience in this space. For many children, Moshi Monsters will be their first experience of participating in an online community and we take the responsibility of guiding them through this new adventure very seriously. You can learn more about our safety procedures here.

  • Becoming a Moshi Member is Fun!

    Moshi is great fun, if it wasn't your children probably wouldn't have brought it to your attention. There are a lot of activities for kids to do: playing games, socializing with friends, designing their room, entering competitions, reading the blog, solving puzzles, tending to their garden and nurturing their little Monster. In fact, many parents (and Grandparents) have so much fun helping look after their children's monster, that they sign up for their own!

  • Becoming a Moshi Member is Educational!

    We passionately believe that children learn best when they're having fun and this principle is right at the heart of Moshi Monsters. Children earn Rox (the in-game currency) by solving a wide range of fun daily puzzles with their Monster. These puzzles start simple but become increasingly challenging as the child's skills develop. The puzzles cover a wide range of skills including numeracy, logic, spatial awareness, geography, anagrams, and vocabulary.

  • Becoming a Moshi Member is Value for Money!

    We wish we could offer everything on Moshi for free but sadly we have a big team here that cannot live on Jelly Beans alone. We believe the game represents exceptional value for money given the large number of fun and educational activities children can engage in. An annual Moshi Membership package costs about the same as several DVDs but provides many more hours worth of entertainment.

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