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Game Description

Moshi Monsters is back, and this time it’s all about catching and hatching Moshling eggs! Who’s in the egg? Only YOU can find out!

First off you’ll hatch, customise and name your very own unique pet Moshling! Then with help from Buster Bumblechops, hatch a new Moshling friend every day to build your collection! You can then play games and solve puzzles to earn Rox, which can be used to buy monsterific food and room items. You can even wash your Moshlings and clean up their poop! Can you collect all the Moshlings and create the ultimate Moshling home?

Make your egg hunt even more monsterific with the amazing Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt book. This goopendous adventure is crammed with hidden codes and stars a totally unique, specially created Moshling named after YOU!

Game Features

  • ADOPT, CUSTOMISE and NAME your very own unique Moshling!
  • HATCH a new Moshling every day!
  • CARE for your Moshlings, FEED them and decorate their home!
  • SOLVE PUZZLES and play fun mini GAMES to earn ROX to spend in the STORE!
  • UNLOCK goopendous goodies using the SECRET CODES found in Moshi Monsters Series 1 Egg Hunt TRADING CARDS and the Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt book!
  • ADD your FRIENDS’ unique Moshlings to YOUR collection!
  • SUPER MOSHLINGS, ultra rare, cape-wearing superheroes in tough to crack eggs!
  • The BUMBLETRON 9000 DELUXE, a wild and wacky contraption, it’s the only thing capable of cleaning up Super Moshling Eggs!
  • GOLDEN SPOONS! Lost for centuries, ultra rare and perfect for smashing open Super Moshling Eggs!
  • FRIEND COUNTER! See how many friends have added your Moshling to their collection!
  • DAILY REWARDS, spin the wheel, gasp in surprise at the goopendous prizes!
  • EMOSHIES - make your moshling happy!
  • Make scrumptious food for your Moshlings in Flick 'n' Mix!
  • Create PECULIAR POTIONS with bizarre effectsto feed your Moshlings in POTION COMMOTION!
  • Paint pictures and show off your art to the world with the GOOGENHEIM art tool!
  • Daily news feed, be the first to hear it!
  • New custom home, updated decorations and rooms!
  • Game data backup, save those Moshlings!
  • COMING SOON! Pat yourself on the back with achievements and a trophy room!
  • COMING SOON! Spoon-O-Dome...get more spoons to unleash Super Moshlings!
  • COMING SOON! Super Moshling HQ!
  • COMING SOON! New Moshling sets with Super Moshlings!
  • COMING SOON! More mini games!
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What is a secret code?

Your pet Moshling has its own 8 digit secret code that you can find by tapping on your Moshling in the Zoo. If your friends are playing Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt, you can enter their Moshling’s secret code to add them to your collection. Secret codes can also be found on Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt trading cards and in the Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt book that will hatch even more Moshlings!

You can enter a secret code from the Moshi Map at the following locations:

  • If you want to enter a code that contains symbols, tap the ‘Code Cracker’ building in the centre of the map (The white dome with all the code symbols on it). These codes are used to add your friend’s Moshling to your collection, and can also be found on Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt trading cards and in the Moshi Monster’s Egg Hunt book.
  • If you have a QR code, tap the Treasure Chest in the bottom left hand hand corner to activate your device's camera which will then be able to scan the code. These codes are usually found on Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt trading cards.
Why doesn't my secret code work?

There may be a number of reasons your secret code doesn't work:

  1. Make sure you are typing the code in correctly and that it matches the code shown
  2. If you are scanning the code from a trading card or entering a symbol code, make sure your device is connected to the internet.
  3. You may have already used the code or unlocked the Moshling you are trying to unlock
  4. If it’s a QR code, someone else may have already scanned it. If there is no silver scratch panel on the card it probably means someone has already used the code.

    HINT: When trading cards make sure the silver scratch panel is still on the card to make sure you can unlock what’s on the front of the card

  5. If it’s a QR code on a trading card, make sure all of the silver scratch panel has been scratched off before scanning
  6. Make sure your Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt game has permission to use your device's camera in your device settings
How can I enable my camera in the game?

To scan a QR code, tap the Treasure Trove (the Treasure Chest building in the bottom left of the map). If you are doing this for the first time, the game will ask for permission to access your device’s camera. After watching a short tutorial on code scanning, your camera should activate automatically.

If you do not see this message and your camera is still not enabled, you will be able to activate it in the system settings of the device you are using.

How do I send my painting to be considered for the Googenheim Pic of the Week?

In the ‘My Art’ section of the Gallery, any pictures with a green arrow can be sent in to us. Just tap the arrow on a picture to send it to us to be entered.

If this is the first picture you’re sending in, (This bit is super important!) you’ll need to need a parent to get past the parental bits and bobs and read our terms of conditions before submitting your picture.

My egg won't hatch!

Patience! Eggs in the Sanctuary take 8 hours to hatch. When the egg timer on the pedestal is red and starts pulsing your egg is ready to hatch, so get tapping!

Where do I get eggs from?

You can get Moshling eggs in Buster’s Sanctuary by tapping above the plinth in the centre of the screen. Once you have found the egg, it will be placed on the plinth and you’ll need to wait 8 hours to hatch it. You can also find 4 Moshling eggs hidden around the world of Moshi every day. They may be hidden on the map, or in any of the buildings in the world. When found, these eggs will hatch instantly.

Be aware that if you are offline, you will not be able to find any eggs until you connect to the internet.

Why can’t I play some minigames offline?

In order to access minigames offline, the game first needs to download the correct bits of data needed to do this. If the offline icon is showing on the game you wish to play, connect to the internet and open the game you want to play in the arcade. From this point on, you should the be able to play the game without the internet!

Can I share Moshlings with my friends?

If you have added your friend's pet Moshling to your collection and are connected to the internet, then yes! If you have two or more of the same Moshling, you can send one to a friend from the gift room.

To send a Moshling to a friend, you can:

  • Go to the gift room in your Moshling’s home (the bottom left room of the house). Tap the Friendly you want to send a Moshling to and pick the Moshling you want to send.
  • Head to the zoo and tap the Moshling you want to send. If you have more than 1 of this Moshling, a button saying ‘Send to a Friend’ will appear in their information panel. Tap this and you’ll go straight to the gift room to pick the friend you want to send the Moshling to.


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